How Indigenous Tree began

The idea for Indigenous Tree grew from a little battered wooden stool. This wasn’t just any stool, it was Grandpa Mick's stool. And as Mick had left this life it was a part of him that still remained. So we thought we'd restore it to its former glory for his great grandchildren - our grandchildren. This little restoration had us hooked and we decided to spoil our grandchildren with our own bespoke wooden gifts. We enjoyed the designing and making using different timbers we sourced from small sawmills. More granddaughters came along and we had new ideas for wooden gifts. This made us realise it was difficult to source high quality bespoke wooden gifts made in the UK. We decided it was not enough for the wooden gifts to be made by craftsmen in the UK — we also wanted the wood to come from trees which had grown in the UK — and so Indigenous Tree was born. Indigenous Tree started with the idea of making bespoke wooded gifts for children but has developed and now designs and makes bespoke wooden gifts for children, grown-ups, the home and special occasions. Grown, designed and made in the UK.


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